Dj Diamond
DJ DIAMOND was born in Patras Greece, in 1971.He loved sharing music with other people...That`s why he became a DJ!! He was attracted to any kind of music with a beat.He started his career very young, during the year 1986 to some famous clubs of Patras.In 1989 he moved to the city of Thessaloniki in order to study Food Chemistry to the University. But music was his big love. On the decks of the most famous clubs, next to world famous DJs,like D.MORALES, F.KNUCLES, DIMITRI FROM PARIS,ASHLEY BEEDLE, BARBARA TUCKER,FR.KEVORKIAN,JOE CLAUSSELL,DEEP DISH,ANTONY PAPPA,etc, He became very well known and although he accomplished his degree from the University, he never stopped being a DJ.He was head producer of CLUB FM,of Thessaloniki for 10 years. He travelled a lot and played music to very big parties in Europe and Australia. Right now and during the last two years he is in charge of the Music Producting Team of What`s Up Radio DJ of Tiranna. Contact info:
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